Bad Girl.

So this weekend I was a “bad girl.”  Not in the sense that I went out and created chaos on the town though.  No, what I mean to say is I slacked on my diet and exercise plan.

Here’s the recap:

  • Friday – I did great on Friday I would say.  I exercised. I ate healthy. I was awesome.  For dinner I  ade Quinoa & Black Bean Burritos with Avocado Cream.  I got creative and used a Quinoa Burger recipe ( and this Avocado Cream recipe (  I made some slight changes, again because I didn’t have everything.  On the Quinoa Burger I used 3 shredded baby carrots, crushed oats instead of the bread crumbs, about 2 teaspoons of pre-minced garlic, and vegetable oil instead of olive oil.  For cooking I made the patties about half the recommended size.  The Avocado Cream I used about 1 teaspoon of pre-minced garlic and left out the lime.  I laid out 2 small tortillas, slathered on the Avocado Cream, then put on my Quinoa Burger patties, breaking them up across the tortilla.  I have to say these were extremely good.  Usually I need some cheese or salsa, but the burger had enough flavor already packed into it and the cream was a great substitute for sour cream.Image
  • Saturday – For breakfast I did great again.  I cooked of the left over Quinoa Burgers and topped the patties with a little of the Avocado Cream again and two poached eggs.  Here’s where the bad began however.  For dinner my boyfriend made a delicious cheddar ale soup filled with veggies.  The veggies makes it sound not as bad, but trust me this was a thick, supper cheesy stew like soup.  Then in my quest to make a healthy dessert, I made some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that would have been healthy had we not eaten so many.  I was also so sore for exercising the day before, I decided to give my body a break.
  • Sunday – I don’t remember much of Sunday, except that my boyfriend and I weren’t really speaking.  It was nothing serious, just one of those “we never fight and we’re about due for some sort of silly conflict.”  I think I just picked at left overs all morning and then made eggs maybe for dinner?  I can’t recall.  One of my arms were still sore from working out so I took another break.
  • Monday – I was sick.  Sunday night I really got into looking at book reviews and researching some educational things for my future job.  I went to bed around 3am, but still couldn’t sleep.  I ended up not getting some shut eye until about 9am.  Even then, sleep was more of a series of naps equally less than 5 hours.  There was no way I was working out, and dinner became left over cheddar soup with two poached eggs on top.
  • Tuesday – I finally got back to working out.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t really eaten anything all morning.  Around 2pm I was starving but I had no idea what to make.  I had to run to the store either way so I decided I’d figure it out there which was a horrible idea.  Now for the past 3 years, my favorite food was nachos.  This was always my go to when at the store and I think I seriously ate them at least once a week, often times a whole lot more.  This Fall I got very sick and couldn’t eat a lot of things no matter how hungry I was.  When I finally got better I found that there were a few foods that were ruined for me because the brought back that same feeling I had when I was sick.  Anyways, when I made it to the store Tuesday I realized I hadn’t made nachos since the summer.  It’s the easiest thing you can shop for especially when you don’t know what else to make, so I got everything I needed.  As soon as I came home I made a giant batch and ate all of them.  Afterwards, I felt awful and wanted nothing more than to take back my decision.  It was so bad that I think I will never make them again, or at least not for a very long time.  I’m now stuck with a giant bag of tortilla chips that have been haunting me ever since.
  • Wednesday – I weighed myself in the morning and became even more ill once I saw that I now weighed 149lbs.  I’m never getting to my goal weight at this rate!  I also did not work out simply because I ran out of time to.  It sounds stupid but my boyfriend and I already live in a tiny space.  I barely have room to work out when I’m alone, so once he’s here trying to what ever it is he does, there simply is no way.  Plus, we live in an old house so it gets loud when I’m jumping around. (Insert more excuses here.)
  • Today – Nothing so far.  I’m definitely going to do my work out at some point.  My boyfriend work really late on Thursdays and Fridays so I have no excuses.  I’m also wondering if I should loose some weight first before I start hard core working out.  This definitely sounds like an excuse, I know.  It’s just that in the past when I’ve worked out, it seems that I start bulking up.  My muscle just build under my fat areas and I tend to look bigger than I was.  I also never end up loosing any weight.  If I got closer to the weight I wanted and then exercise I think I would see better results.  I’m probably totally wrong though.  There’s too many stories of people loosing weight through exercise.  I guess I’ll try my hand at it and see how it goes.

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